The New Music USA Online Library is a vast and comprehensive digital database that contains over 57,000 works by more than 6,000 composers, and includes over 14,000 media samples (recordings and scores).

The Online Library was created by the American Music Center, and, after many evolutions, continues today under the guidance of New Music USA.

Artist Spotlight: Anna Dembska

Anna Dembska came to composing through her work in puppet-theater and as a soprano and improvisor. Her music integrates disparate musical passions—poyphonic vocal music, singing traditions from Macedonia to Mongolia, improvisation and extended use of the voice, experimental opera and human sound as a dramatic force. She has produced and performed her original theater works, operas, and music since 1976—from "Enough is Enough," a puppet opera, at the Bread and Puppet Circus, to "Coyote" at The Bang-on-a-Can Festival at Lincoln Center. Her "Kore Chant" has been performed by choruses all over the... Read more »

Please note: New Music USA does not maintain a physical collection of any kind. Any printed scores or manuscripts held by the American Music Center are now part of a special collection at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Please contact the Music Division for more information.