The New Music USA Online Library is a vast and comprehensive digital database that contains over 57,000 works by more than 6,000 composers, and includes over 14,000 media samples (recordings and scores).

The Online Library was created by the American Music Center, and, after many evolutions, continues today under the guidance of New Music USA.

Artist Spotlight: Michael Andrew Doherty

Michael was born in Burlington, North Carolina, in 1973. He is a largely self-taught composer / musicker who studied music for a time at Colorado State University where he later earned a B.A. in philosophy and religious studies. His respect for 20th Century music, avant garde and experimental music, plus a cognitive anarchist's disposition proved too strong to continue his music studies in the university. He has since devoted himself to exploration of sound on his terms, learning from those predecessors who were courageous enough to stand rooted in their art. In addition to composing for ch... Read more ยป

Please note: New Music USA does not maintain a physical collection of any kind. Any printed scores or manuscripts held by the American Music Center are now part of a special collection at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Please contact the Music Division for more information.