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NYsoundCircuit @ the Brecht Forum II

A new propulsive series in NYC bringing you an evening of continuous music, art, and booze. Premieres, rarely heard works, improv sessions, with visual artist William Mazza performing "In Vanity" as part of his ongoing live drawing series, "Spatial Tenden

DateSaturday, May 15, 2010
Time08:00 PM
Composer(s) Anna Clyne, Gene Coleman, Donal Fox, Gilbert Galindo, John Glover, Yohei Kurihara, Ingram Marshall, Conrad Winslow, Samson Young
Performer(s) MIVOS Quartet (strings and Gameboys), Ensemble Pamplemousse, Thomas Piercy (clarinets), John McGill & Max Abels (electronic artists), Gene Coleman (bass clarinet), Claudine Hickman (piano), James Smith (oboe/oboe d'amore), and Maria Chavez (turntables)
Venue Brecht Forum
451 West St.
New York, NY
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