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VIM: TriBeCa Series and RAM (Random Access Music)

CULTURE ON THE MOVE: AVANT-GARDE FROM QUEENS? Borough Composers’ Consortium Brings New Sounds to Gotham Astoria-based composers’ group Random Access Music presents a concert of works by its members as part of the new VIM: Tribeca concert series. The program, “Breaking Down the Beat,” takes place Thursday, October 18, 2007, 7:00 p.m., at Gallerie Icosahedron, 27 N Moore St, Manhattan. The concert includes works by Random Access Music member composers B. Allen Schulz, Erin Rogers, Stefan Weisman, David Fetherolf, Jonathan Pieslak and Manly Romero. Each of the six pieces explores, develops and/or deconstructs rhythm in a unique way, “breaking down the beat” according to the varied stylistic preferences of the member composers. A hodge-podge delight for concertgoers with eclectic tastes, the works include explorations of Dominican merengue, traditional Ghanaese Wiik music and drumming, rock and roll, South-American dance rhythms, aleatoric rhythmic schemes and more. RANDOM ACCESS MUSIC is a consortium of composers who, with the support of the Astoria Music Society, pool their energy and resources to produce concerts of their own music. Founded in 2005, RAM works closely with the Lost Dog New Music Ensembles and other ensembles and performers in the New York area to provide various opportunities for its members. Its six members together have won almost every young composers’ prize in the book and have drawn critical acclaim from coast to coast, including the following excerpts from periodicals such as the New York Times and Time Out New York: “personal, moody and skillfully wrought,” “quirky, sparkling...fresh sounds,” and “powerful and intense.” VIM: TRIBECA: Filling a void in New York City's vibrant concert scene, VIM: Tribeca presents a panoramic view of the emerging artists who will help define music in the 21st century. The Fall-Spring series showcases serious young musicians with fearless and inspired artistic convictions, ranging from recently formed new music ensembles performing the music of today, to solo pianists, vocalists, and chamber music ensembles giving new relevance to time-tested music from the past. VIM: TRIBECA brings young talent into the heart of New York's TriBeCa neighborhood at Gallerie Icosahedron, a beautiful, postindustrial gallery featuring a wide variety of nontraditional, engaging artwork.

DateThursday, October 18, 2007
Time12:00 AM
Venue Gallery Icosahedron
27 North Moore Street
New York, NY
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