Threnody (In Memoriam: John Lennon), for guitar

Robert Cucinotta

About this work:
THRENODY (In Memoriam: John Lennon) is an expression of feelings of sadness, rage and loss, and of memories and a longing for the idealistic optimism of many of Lennon's songs. Though finished in 1983, most of this piece was written in December 1980, in the short period between the announcement of his killing and the memorial gathering of mourners in New York's Central Park. It was premiered by guitarist David Starobin on the New and Newer Music series in May,1985. THRENODY is published by Kirkside Music.
Year composed: 1983
Duration: 00:08:00
Ensemble type: Solo instrument, non-keyboard:Guitar (Classical/Acoustic)
Instrumentation: 1 Guitar (Classical/Acoustic)

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