Canticle, for piano, winds & percussion

Robert Cucinotta

About this work:
Canticle is dedicated to the composer-astrologer Dane Rudhyar who emigrated from France to the United States in 1917. The inspiration for the work was Rudhyar's book, "Culture, Crisis and Creativity" which criticizes the concentration of pitch relationship and the abstract nature of "notes" in Western music. Rudhyar promotes the Eastern concept of complex "living tones...pulsating with magical potency...whose quality and timbre are all-important." Canticle was premiered by the Conservatory Wind Ensemble at Brooklyn College (CUNY). Paul Shelden, conductor in March 1983.
Year composed: 1982
Duration: 00:16:00
Ensemble type: Band:Wind Ensemble
Instrumentation: 1 Piccolo, 2 Flute, 2 Oboe, 1 English Horn, 3 Clarinet, 2 Bassoon, 1 Contrabassoon, 4 Horn in F, 3 Trumpet, 2 Trombone, 1 Bass Trombone, 1 Tuba, 1 Timpani, 1 Marimba, 1 Xylophone, 1 Vibraphone, 1 Piano, 1 Other Percussion Instrument(s)
Instrumentation notes: Scored for both orchestra or wind ensemble: 3333 4331 perc(4) piano

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