Adagio for Synclavier

Lynn Job

About this work:
This is unpublished historic archive material from November, 1983. It is the first computer program for music synthesis this composer created while a graduate student with Phil Winsor (Prix de Rome, 1967) on site with the Center for Electronic Music and Intermedia (CEMI) in Denton, Texas. The original printout in SIMGO Music Language, along with the original 5.25 floppy diskette and analog live cassette recording from a performance, are housed at Buckthorn Music Press, while the original Synclavier instrument is no longer maintained at UNT. For this work, the 16-voice polyphonic Synclavier rendered a string quartet (each string requiring 4 voices, which had to trade off and cut out to allow voicing for the bell tone). The program was compiled and automatically executed in real-time by the instrument in partnership with a separate Winchester Hard Drive which could be activated remotely from any network computer on the campus. There was no analog tape created at the time. Half of this work is extant in a 2006 restored audio clip reissued for webcast demo by Buckthorn Records.
Year composed: 1983
Duration: 00:02:00
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Live Electronic Sound Sources
Instrumentation notes: SIMGO music language program | historic artifact - no longer in production

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