Aviacon Columbia

Lynn Job

About this work:
This is unpublished historic archive material from Summer, 1985, when the composer was studying film scoring with Paris Rutherford. The original cue scores (the first cues by this composer) are now kept at Buckthorn Music Press. This is a 1970s-style documentary industry film score for DX-7 and piano - all parts performed by the composer in a single session in a recording studio in Denton, Texas. The 3 cues vary in length. (All extant audio are minus the voice-overs and foley art.) The film surveys the cockpit technology, services and hardware for sale by Aviacon Columbia. A restored recording of Cue 3 was issued by Buckthorn Records for webcast demo in 2006.
Version: film cues
Year composed: 1985
Duration: 00:10:00
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Electronic Processing of Live Performance
Instrumentation notes: DX-7 and piano - all played in studio by the composer and mixed to film track

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