Blue Sand

Lynn Job

About this work:
Publisher: Buckthorn Music Press (BMP-95)
All rights reserved - sampling not allowed.
Genre: pre-recorded electronic mix.
Blue Sand paints a swirling palette of spiritual chaos and strife - pregnant destiny surging and wrestling as waves between boulders. A strike on the bell tree calls the vision into focus as parting a magic veil, and the prophet reads impressions on the future warfare between Israel and a Far-east alliance. Water (judgement and revelation), serves both the mystical Leviathan antagonist and the invisible armies of the Shield of David.
Blue Sand quotes from Job’s allegorical Arcangelo Red (Stepháne Tran Ngoc, violin), and Shadow’s Pipe (Jennifer Chen, flute - that piece itself a reworking of Bamboo Skies from Systole: Book I). Created specifically for the 60x60 “Women’s Mix” (Vox Novus, New York).
Version: electronic miniature
Year composed: 2007
Duration: 00:01:00
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Electronic Processing of Live Performance
Instrumentation notes: violin, flute, water, bell tree, tam-tam, whales
MP3  Blue Sand

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