The Teapot

Elaine Fine

About this work:
This is a setting of Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Teapot" for soprano, tuba, and piano. It is a story about a teapot that loses its handle and spout in a tea-table accident, becomes a flowerpot, and is later discarded, singing to us as an old piece of broken pottery who still has her memories. The musical language is tonal, and the story would certainly be appropriate for a children's concert. This is a computer-generated recording with a synthetic oboe playing the part of the soprano. It is published by Seesaw Music and is available from Subito Music, but a listing for it is not yet in their on-line catalog. Please call Subito at (973)857-3440 to order the music.
Year composed: 2007
Duration: 00:09:00
Ensemble type: Voice, Solo or With Chamber or Jazz Ensemble:Voice with Chamber/Jazz Ensemble, 2-5 Players
Instrumentation: 1 Tuba, 1 Piano, 1 Soprano
MP3  The Teapot
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