Not a Trifling Matter

Allen Brings

About this work:
Not a Trifling Matter for piano was composed in response to the call-for-scores issued by the College Music Society for short works to be performed during its conference in Atlanta in 2008, at which it would—among its many other activities—be celebrating its 50th anniversary. My initial reaction to writing a single piece no more than 50 seconds long for which I could imagine no possible use beyond its performance at the conference was decidedly negative. But, among other things, I am also a performer, a performer indeed before I became a composer, so I considered one possible use for such a trifle as an encore. My choice of the title was to express my view that brevity in art need not imply triviality. Although one can easily detect a degree of humor in this music, I meant it to be quite serious, not at all a trifle. I also intended, by employing devices I am aware of having used in other compositions, for it to be recognizable to a listener who might be acquainted with some of those works. One might therefore almost refer to Not a Trifling Matter as a kind of audible musical profile. Available from Mira Music Associates. Contact:
Version: piano solo
Year composed: 2008
Duration: 00:00:50
Ensemble type: Keyboard:Piano
Instrumentation: 1 Piano
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