Stanley Schumacher

About this work:
The 3 narrators assume positions of arrogance, indifference and thoughtfulness to project their various “messages.” But is there any "Dialogue"? The trombone comments and elaborates on these “messages.” But is there any "Dialogue"? You can put this theatre piece together quickly and have a lot of fun doing it. But is there any "Dialogue"? Please contact the composer for performance materials.
Year composed:
Duration: 00:02:30
Ensemble type: Voice, Solo or With Chamber or Jazz Ensemble:Two or More Solo Voices One Non-Keyboard Instrument
Instrumentation: 1 Trombone, 3 Narrator
Instrumentation notes: "3 Narrators" = 1 Female Narrator and 2 Male Narrators. Minimal staging for the narrators using only chairs and music stands. Easy to put together.

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