In a Manner of Speaking

Eric Chasalow

About this work:
for more: In a Manner of Speaking (2000) for bass clarinet and tape Eric Chasalow In a Manner of Speaking was composed for virtuoso bass clarinetist, Guido Arbonelli. This approximately five minute piece is almost all very fast, being modeled on classic improvised jazz solos like those recorded by Eric Dolphy. The title refers to the vocal quality evoked by the instrument as it leaps around in register, rapidly changing timbre. As in all my pieces for instrument and tape, the prerecorded sounds serve to expand the timbres of the live instrument. The tape part was realized at the Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio (BEAMS) using primarily software from Sonic Foundry and Calkwalk, and a Kyma digital music workstation from Symbolic Sound.
Version: bass cl and fixed media
Year composed: 2000
Duration: 00:04:50
Ensemble type: Solo instrument, non-keyboard:Bass Clarinet
Instrumentation: 1 Bass Clarinet, 1 Prerecorded Sound (Tape/CD/Other)

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