En Mis Palabras

Roger Ames

About this work:
Commissioned by Central City Opera, Deborah Morrow, Project Producer. A one act bi-lingual opera about a Latino family recently immigrated to the U.S. In a quest to find her own voice, fifteen year old Ana Maria is pulled in many directions as she struggles to find the balance between her Mexican heritage and being an American teen. Her brother wants her to defy their father and try her wings, her father doesn’t understand her desire to be like her friends, her grandmother counsels that she must search her heart for the answer. Ana Maria finds that there is no easy choice, no choice that won't bring pain to someone. But through her journey she finally hears her heart and learns to truly speak in her own words. The music is tonal and modal, culturally specific, accessible to both musical theater and operatic audiences. The story is highly emotional, energetically told and contemporary in both its style and its theme. It uses several culturally related story telling devices, such as magic realism. It deals with family violence, teenage peer pressure, the death of a grandmother, and has an emotionally satisfying and redemptive ending. The score is designed to be sung by a young, preferably teenage mezzo soprano with strong training, and 3 older professional singers. There is some dialogue. An optional piano only version is available.
Version: For piano, guitar, and four actor-singers
Year composed: 2006
Duration: 00:55:00
Ensemble type: Opera/Theater:Music Theater
Instrumentation: 1 Piano, 1 Guitar (Classical/Acoustic)
Instrumentation notes: optional piano only; optional cello
Purchase materials: rogerwames@yahoo.com
Perusal score: rogerwames@yahoo.com

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