The Voice for String Quartet

Christopher Jentsch

About this work:
The Voice for String Quartet The original version of The Voice (1991) for jazz quartet in lead sheet form was one of Chris Jentsch’s first compositions, and was performed and recorded by the composer’s group Planet X at that time. The title refers to the emerging compositional voice then just beginning to be documented. Ten years later, The Voice for String Quartet extends those early ideas with this four-movement work based on the themes and motives of the original composition. All musical material is derived from Ballad, the expository second movement. Elaboration opens the piece with an abstraction of those materials with the bent of a rondo. Hallucination features the players performing random measures from Ballad in accordance with a modified aleatoric set of instructions (see the accompanying score/text for that movement). Finally, after an opening viola solo, Variation is a fairly strict triple meter re-casting of the form of the source material. Sections of individual parts marked with A denote a higher level of prominence. Total performance time is approximately 21 minutes.
Year composed: 2001
Duration: 00:21:00
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice:String Quartet

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