Stirring Awake

Thollem McDonas

About this work:
Premiered at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco) on August 19, 2010. Performed by Estamos Ensemble. Funded by CAP (AMC)
Year composed: 2010
Duration: 00:03:22
Ensemble type: Orchestra:Chamber Orchestra
Instrumentation: 1 Vibraphone, 1 Drum Set, 1 Piano, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 15 Other Wind Instrument(s), 7 Other Percussion Instrument(s), 5 Other Electronic Instument(s), 3 Other Voice
Instrumentation notes: The beginning of this compositional process started when I formed Estamos Ensemble. The ensemble consists of four musicians from Mexico, four from the States, and myself as a fellow musician and Artistic Director. The compositional process continued in November 2009 when we met for the first time to record in Mexico City. I guided the eight musicians through two days of improvisations. From those recordings, I extracted segments that I re-arranged into the composition originally named 'All For Now', but changed to 'Stirring Awake', given the resulting presentation and recording. There is no notated score, therefore the newly composed recording becomes an aural score.

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