In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World: Passages of the Night

Barton McLean

About this work:

In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World was a five-section complete concert performed from 1984 - 89 by The McLean Mix, with myself and wife Priscilla. She wrote 3 sections and I two. This was the finale, accompanied by slides (35mm), many of which were experimentally altered. This was the first of many nature-based works I have been composing from then until the present (2011). I narrated, sometimes having my voice lowered via Eventide Harmonizer. Basically, slides and tape. No live performance. The Fairlight Computer Music Instrument (CMI) was used extensively in the samples. The 8 - bit resolution of the sampler was and is problematic, and some of the sounds are rather harsh as a result. The "horn" sounds were done by taking a flute and putting it through a Serge synthesizer module (the Wave Multiplier). This was done in the Univ. of Texas Electronic Music Centers--the new one with the Fairlight CMI. Done in 1983, just before I left the Univ. of Texas studios. And so, "In Wilderness...." was done between two studios (as was "Mysteries of the Ancienct Nahuatl").

(Text by John Muir, Thoreau, Wordsworth). Stereo electronic music CD  with slides, live performance of amplified & processed bicycle wheel., text (in “Voices of the Water” -- from Steward Edward White’s “The Forest.”). Commissioned and premiered at the Bowling Green State U. Festival of New Music, Nov., 1985. Production on an early Fairlight CMI with 8 bit resolution for “Passages of the Night.” Distortion through a Serge module. Recorded on MLC Records in 1989. Subsequently performed at: U. Washington, Seattle(1/86), U. Victoria, B.C.(2/86), U. Idaho, Moscow (2/86), U. Akron(3/86), Bucknell U.,(3/86),Syracuse Soc. for New Music (3/86), New Music America, Houston (4/86), SUNY, Oneonta, N.Y. (11/86), N. Adams State Col. (2/87), Western Michigan U., Kalamazoo (2/87),Indiana University (2/87),Alternative Museum/Composers Forum (3/87), Sierra Club (3/87), Fitchburg Public Library (3/87), WGBH-FM Morning Pro Musica Live (4/87), Univ. of Lowell, Mass.,(3/87), U.C. Video Space, Minneapolis, (3/88), Calvin College (3/88), St. Olaf College (3/88), Keene State College (4/88), Montclair State U. (3/88), North Texas State (2/89), William & Mary College (2/89), Cal. State U.-Chico (3/89), San Diego State U. (3/89), Univ. of S. Cal. (3/89), U. of Washington (3/89), Lewis & Clark College,Portland (3/89), Wichita State U. (4/89), MTNA National Conference (4/89), Scranton (Pa.) Art Gallery (4/89), Univ. of Vermont, Burlington (4/89). Walla Walla College, Wash. (2/90), Rutgers Univ. (3/90), Ohio Univ. (3/90), Towson State Univ., (4/90),  Goucher College, Md. (4/90), Recorded through MLC Publications.

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Although I, Barton McLean, hold the copyright, I nontheless hereby gladly authorize anyone to make copies and perform the work for noncommercial and/or educational purposes providing that my name is reasonably displayed as the composer.  I do not under any circumstances authorize selecting portions of the work to appear intact in another person's composition, or to appear under any other composer's name, without my written signed authorization.

Version: C & P 1984 Barton McLean
Year composed: 1983
Duration: 14:15:60
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Prerecorded Sound
Instrumentation: ,1 Low Voice soloist(s)

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