Himalayan Fantasy

Barton McLean

About this work:

While in Hawaii in 1985 I availed myself of the opportunity to record some of the prolific Asian artists and ensembles so prevalent there. Among them were three native men and a woman from Tibet, who sang some haunting pastoral songs traditionally uttered while riding horseback through the mountain passes from one village to another. I was struck not only by the beauty of these songs, but also by how they seemed to conjure up such strong visions--of quiet, vast mountain passes in a world of timeless existence. These songs form the backbone of my Himalayan Fantasy, existing in both unaltered and altered versions, my purpose being to preserve them fairly intact for at least some of the work, but also integrating them into the other fabric at other times, preserving a time-honored tradition of integrating pre-existing pieces into a larger form used by Bach, Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Stravinsky, Bartok, Ives, Paul Winter, and others. Produced in 1992 in the McLean Petersburg, NY studios using the computer software Studio Vision and several synthesizers and samplers, Himalayan Fantasy is a true fusion of world music influences such as classical, folk, ethnic, jazz, new age, and experimental, couched in one huge symphonic form, symbolizing the vastness of the mountains and the people for which it is named.

Stereo CD based on recordings of Tibetan mountain singers. Dur: 18:00. Recorded on Capstone CPS 8617 CD.

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Although I, Barton McLean, hold the copyright, I nontheless hereby gladly authorize anyone to make copies and perform the work for noncommercial and/or educational purposes providing that my name is reasonably displayed as the composer.  I do not under any circumstances authorize selecting portions of the work to appear intact in another person's composition, or to appear under any other composer's name, without my written signed authorization.

Regarding the audio file accompanying this work:  I, Barton McLean own the copyright to the composition itself.  Being aware that this work has been released on a commercial CD, and that the CD company might possess the copyright to that particular sound recording of the composition, I nonetheless claim copyright to this specific sound recording posted here, because it is not the exact recording released on CD.  Rather, it is another mix down and revision of that work which may approximate the commercial CD in most respects but nevertheless is a distinct sound recording of which I claim the copyright.

Year composed: 1992
Duration: 00:00:00
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Prerecorded Sound

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