Folic of Water (Perpetuum Mobile)

Hsin-Jung Tsai

About this work:
Folic of Water, with subtitle Perpetuum Mobile, was commissioned for inclusion on an album by the Texas State University Oboe Studio. The project's goal is expanding the oboe repertoire and playing music that was written by people of our generation. Folic of Water unfolds ethereal atmosphere and deft skills. It is based on Agitato, the main body of the piece that is presented three times. It starts with an introduction simply by oboe and bassoon, and goes into the main body Agitato while piano capers in a 9-tone series, which is rotated until they are fully presented. Between the first and second Agitato, there are two small fast sections; and between the second and third, there are two short slow sections. The whole piece is nimble, naughty and rapid in changing mood. This piece can be performed by Piano Trio (violin, cello, and piano)
Version: For oboe, bassoon, and piano; for violin, cello and piano
Year composed: 2011
Duration: 00:06:00
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice:Piano Trio
Instrumentation notes: oboe, basson and piano; violin, cello and piano

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