Serenade Rondo (2013) for solo violin and chamber orchestra

Thomas Oboe Lee

About this work:

Program note.


I met Sharon Roffman in the fall of 2011 when maestro Steven Lipsitt and the Boston Classical Orchestra premiered my Symphony No. 8 … The City of Light at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.  Sharon was the featured concerto soloist on the same program.  She was an electrifying soloist in concertos by Mozart and Haydn, respectively.  She wowed every one with her chops and musicality!


A year later I went to hear Sharon and the BCO again, and this time I said to Steven Lipsitt that I want to write a concerto for Sharon.  He thought it was great idea, and so did she.


The title Serenade Rondo has the same acronym as Sharon Roffman.   So in this case, the form precedes the composition.   Originally I had planned to compose  the concerto in the usual three-movement format.   And I thought I was going to make the last movement a rondo, something in the usual ABACA thing.  But as I proceeded with the composition, I realized that the work was moving in such a way that the whole thing could be conceived of as a rondo.                  Ultimately Serenade Rondo ended up in this form: ABACDA



I.                Allegro ma non troppo

II.              Adagio

III.             Reprise 1 … Allegro, but a bit faster

IV.             TRIO … Allegro

V.              Adagio

VI.             Reprise 2 … Allegro, again a bit faster



Year composed: 2013
Duration: 00:17:00
Ensemble type: Unspecified Instrument(s):Ensemble
Instrumentation: 1 Oboe, 1 English Horn, 2 Horn in F, 1 Strings (General), ,1 Violin soloist(s)

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