Metamorphosis for Orchestra pp. 24 -32

Barton McLean

About this work:

These are pp.  24 - 43 of a 102 - page score.  This score has been cut into 5 segments due to the restrictive conditions of the Online Library.  See other segments also posted here.

Originally composed in 1971-2, the idea of Metamorphosis was of a gradual change of style and material from start to finish.  Beginning in a sort of post-Hindemith style, the slow middle is a dreamy Berio-influenced evocative wash.  The last part was mostly infuenced by the fluid counterpoint of Mort Subotnick's Wild Bull.  It may be thought of as three loosely defined movements, strung together without pause. 

This recording is with John Balme.  It was subsequently performed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in the late 70's.

The score posted here is the definitive one.  It only exists in legal size.  Other scores in full size (11 x 17) do not reflect the revisions, nor do the parts.  The beginning audio excerpt is faithful to all versions.  Revisions happen mostly in the second half.

Year composed: 1972
Duration: 00:13:24
Ensemble type: Orchestra
Instrumentation notes: See instrumentation listed on the first post (pp. 1 - 23)

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