Autumn Requiem, Part 2 (Priscila McLean, co-composer)

Barton McLean

About this work:

Autumn Requiem.  (dur. 26:25 minutes). Live performance with video, stereo tape, written with Priscilla, who also did the video on a Videonics Mixer and analog VHS tape.  Barton McLean, amplified bicycle wheel, soprano recorder, flexatone, clariflute, party horn.  Priscilla McLean, voice, violin, native flute, soprano recorder, balloons.  MAX/MSP (mostly MSP) software customized on a program by Barton, utilizing 4 channels of delay/pitch shifting/flanging in various ways.  Also employing Dan Truemans “Munger” object, which improvises on audio input. This work formed the anchor for McLean Mix tours of 2002 through 2007.
Premiered at Missouri Western State Univ 3/22/02. Other perf at:  Univ of Louisville, 3/25/02, Transylvania Univ (3/27/02), Mansfield Univ (4/1/02), iEAR at RPI (4/24/02), Cal State-Fresno (2/22/03),  Univ of California-Santa Cruz (2/24/03),  Univ. of California-Berkeley (2/25/03),  Radford Univ (3/6/03),  Claveland State Univ. (3/22/04),  Illinois Wesleyan U (3/24/04),  SE Oklahoma State Univ. (3/29/04),  Oklahoma Baptist U (3/30/04),  Arkansas State Univ (4/5/04),  SUNY-Geneseo (4/10/04),  Hope College (4/14/04),  Daemon Col (4/21/04),  Kingston Univ, London, 5/12/04),  Royal Northern Col of Music-Manchester, UK (5/15/04),  SUNY-New Paltz (3/1/05),  Washington & Lee Univ (3/5/05),  Univ of Miami, Coral Gables  (3/10/05),  Mississippi Univ of Women, Columbus (3/16/05),  Abiline Christian U (3/18/05),  Rice Univ (3/21/05),  St. Marys College, Notre Dame, In (4/4/05),  Williams College (3/7/06),  Elizabethtown Col, PA, 3/20/06),  Muhlenburg College, PA, (3/24/06),  Univ of Mary Washington  (3/30/06),  Drew Univ (4/4/06),  Univ of Wisconson-La Crosse (4/18/06),  Sam Houston State U  (3/26/07),  Univ of Texas-Austin (3/29/07),  Georgia Col & State Univ (4/1/07),  E Connecticut State Univ (4/18/07)  

Due to restrictions of NewMusicUSA web site, I've broken this down into two parts, of which this is the second.

A YouTube live performance of the complete version can be found at:

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Phone: 518 658 3595

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Although we, Barton & Priscilla McLean, hold the copyright, we nontheless hereby gladly authorize anyone to make copies and perform the work for noncommercial and/or educational purposes providing that our names are reasonably displayed as the composers.  We do not under any circumstances authorize selecting portions of the work to appear intact in another person's composition, or to appear under any other composer's name, without our written signed authorization.


Version: C & P 2002 Barton & Priscilla McLean
Year composed: 2002
Duration: 00:13:50
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources

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