Dimensions IV for Saxophone and Tape

Barton McLean

About this work:

Being lyrical and mystic,this represents a marked contrast to Dimensions III, and I urge that both works be played together to form a nice unit. All saxophone parts on tape were recorded by Albert Regni and some were formed into tape loops, some as long as 20 feet, played at 15 ips.

Tape part now available on CD. Various perf. by Al Regni, Marshall Taylor, Allyn Reilly, John Sampan, others. Recorded on CRI (CRI 431 LP). Published by Dorn Publications. 

This work is published and distributed by Dorn Publications. This score is for perusal purposes only.

Regarding the audio file of the complete performance accompanying this work:  I, Barton McLean own the copyright to the composition itself.  Being aware that this work has been released on a commercial CD, and that the CD company might possess the copyright to that particular sound recording of the composition, I nonetheless claim copyright to this specific sound recording posted here, because it is not the exact recording released on CD.  Rather, it is another mix down and revision of that work which may approximate the commercial CD in most respects but nevertheless is a distinct sound recording of which I claim the copyright.


Year composed: 1979
Duration: 00:12:15
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Prerecorded Sound and Live Instrument(s)

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