Samba Da Aguia Pescadora

Roger M. Aldridge

About this work:
This samba was inspired by learning how there is a connection between the Chesapeake Bay and Brazil in the migrating patterns of the Osprey. It winters in the warm climate of eastern Brazil and the Caribbean. Then, in March it returns to its nesting grounds along the Chesapeake. Not a bad lifestyle! The title uses the Portuguese name for the Osprey, "eagle fisherman". Note: The recording is a tune demo, not a full-length performance. Recorded by David Arivett.

The tune is reasonably straight-forward. One unusual aspect is the number of measures in its AABA form: 8-8-10-9. The A section is intended to have a strong rhythmic drive, then the B section is more floating as a contrast. 
Year composed: 1992
Duration: 00:00:00
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice
Instrumentation notes: Lead Sheet

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