Bela's Barn Dance

Roger M. Aldridge

About this work:

Bela's Barn Dance is intended to be crazed and fun. It draws upon a spirit of Appalachian fiddle music; however, shifting time is used throughout this piece. Think of it as avant-garde Old-Time. Bela is a nod of the head to Bela Bartok -- not Bela Fleck (sorry). In addition to being one of the greatest composers of the 20th Century, Bartok was deeply attracted to the folk music of his native Hungary and other countries in Eastern Europe. 

Performance options described in the lead sheet can take the music as OUT as the musicians want to go with it. Note: the demo recording is a Sibelius midi of only the melody.

Year composed: 1999
Duration: 00:00:00
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice
Instrumentation: 1 Drum Set, 1 Piano, 1 Violin, 1 Double bass
Instrumentation notes: Lead sheet format.

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