Concertino in D

Allen Brings

About this work:
Concertino in D is a miniature concerto grosso in three movements composed in 2002 for a youth orchestra of better-than-average skills. That it is "in D" does not mean that it is in the key of D major or D minor. It does mean, however, that its music revolves around the keynote D and, in order to do so, uses many of, but not only, the melodic and harmonic patterns long associated with the key of D and other keys closely related to it. My purpose was to introduce the young players to a 20th-century musical language that nevertheless employed patterns that they should already have been familiar with while playing music of the past. The classical term "concertino" was suggested by the presence of melodic lines that have distinctive and therefore memorable profiles and that are clearly directional and by a phrase structure that would enable the listener to easily follow the "argument of the play." The contrasting character of successive sections, the derivation of one theme from another and therefore their relatedness, the differing treatments of passages meant to be either expository or developmental, all are among the traits of Concertino in D that I hoped would contribute to the understanding and thus the enjoyment of the music by both members of the ensemble and members of the audience. The recording included here is of a live performance by an ensemble of students conducted by Joel Mandelbaum that took place in LeFrak Hall at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College (CUNY) on February 10, 2005. The program was presented by The Long Island Composers Alliance. Score and parts available from Mira Music Associates. Contact:
Version: string orchestra
Year composed: 2002
Duration: 00:07:15
Ensemble type: Orchestra:String Orchestra
Instrumentation: 12 Violin, 4 Viola, 3 Cello, 2 Double bass
Instrumentation notes: May be performed as well with a smaller or a larger ensemble.
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