TYRANNOSAURUS SUE: A Cretaceous Concerto

Bruce Adolphe

About this work:
Tyrannosaurus Sue introduces young listeners to he story of dinosaurs as well as the world of concert music. The solo instruments display a dazzling virtuosity in their vivid representation of the main characters of the piece - Tyrannosaurus Sue (trombone); a Troodon (clarinet); a Parassaurolophus (bassoon); and a Triceratops (French horn). The final scene is cast as a brief, intense violin concerto that celebrates the ability of humans to discover and remember the past; the solo violin represents the dawn of humanity. The bones of the real Tyrannosaurus rex named Sue are on permanent display in The Field Museum in Chicago. The piece is scored for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, percussion, two violins, viola, cello and double bass. A full string section can also be used.
Year composed: 2000
Duration: 00:26:27
Ensemble type: Orchestra:Unknown

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