Bruce Adolphe

About this work:
TRISKELION was commissioned by the Music Library Association to celebrate the organization's 60th anniversary. The premiere was performed by the American Brass Quintet at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on February 15, 1991 during the annual national conference of the Music Library Association. The word triskelion refers to a design composed of three branches, usually curved, radiating from the center. The three movements of the brass quintet form a structure parallel to this concept, with the fast-paced outer movements drawing power from the more contained, almost still central movement.
Year composed: 1990
Duration: 00:14:45
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice:Brass Quintet
Instrumentation: 1 Horn in F, 2 Trumpet, 1 Trombone, 1 Bass Trombone

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