In Expression (Text by Mark Vigil)

Mark Vigil

About this work:
In Expression is a big piece, written for a full Javanese gamelan orchestra, two flutes, and a 60 member 3-part women's choir.(S.S.A.) Texts are in English and by the composer. Text subject matter concerns nature of relationship between God, the creator, and human beings. In a lyrical, neo-Romantic style with plenty of flute solos. Full score and parts can be purchased at the Mark Vigil website ( Commercial recording available at either the Mark Vigil website ( or the R&D Distribution website ( This title is on the "In Expression cd."
Year composed: 1993
Duration: 00:11:27
Ensemble type: Chorus, with or without Solo Voices:Chorus with Chamber Ensemble
Instrumentation: 2 Flute, 30 S, 30 A
Instrumentation notes: 60 member 3-part women's chorus, (S.A.A.) full Javanese Gamalen orchestra and 2 flutes

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