The Myth of Er

Cynthia Sternau

About this work:
The Myth of Er is the story of a warrior who died in battle but returned to life on his funeral pyre to tell the world what he had seen in the place of the dead. The opera is based on the conclusion of the tenth book of Plato’s Republic. This is the first opera in The Way of Humankind trilogy, which comprises The Myth of Er, The Fall of Atlantis, and The Age of Gold. The Myth of Er was first conceived as a jazz piano cycle in early 1994, and was reinterpreted as an electronic opera later that year. It was completely rewritten in 1998. Dramatis Personae: The Prophet--Baritone Er--Tenor Soul from Heaven—Mezzo-soprano Soul from Hell--Bass Lachesis, a daughter of Necessity--Soprano Clotho, a daughter of Necessity—Mezzo-soprano Atropos, a daughter of Necessity—Mezzo-soprano The Man Who Chose a Tyranny--Tenor Agamemnon--Baritone Odysseus--Bass-baritone The River Lethe--Baritone Chorus~Men, Women, Children, and Creatures of the Earth, Air, and Sea
Version: 3
Year composed: 1998
Duration: 00:58:00
Ensemble type: Opera/Theater:Chamber Opera, Two or More Singers
Instrumentation: ,1 Soprano soloist(s), ,3 Mezzo-Soprano soloist(s), ,2 Tenor soloist(s), ,4 Baritone soloist(s), ,1 Bass soloist(s), ,3 S soloist(s), ,3 SS soloist(s), ,3 A soloist(s), ,3 AA soloist(s), ,3 T soloist(s), ,3 TT soloist(s), ,3 B soloist(s), ,3 BB soloist(s), ,1 Prerecorded Sound (Tape/CD/Other) soloist(s)
Instrumentation notes: Work is for soloists, chorus and pre-recorded electronics (from CD or DAT).

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