Sun Dance

Michael Robinson

About this work:
Sun Dance was inspired by African rhythms, and uses a wide range of insrumental colors, with a vibraphone serving as the main melodic voice. - Michael Robinson, December 1999, Lahaina © 1999 Michael Robinson All rights reserved
Year composed: 1992
Duration: 00:04:30
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Live Electronic Sound Sources
Instrumentation: ,1 Computer/Laptop soloist(s), ,1 Sampler (Keyboard/Other) soloist(s)
Instrumentation notes: A computer and sound module are programmed to perform the fully notated composition in real time. Sun Dance is voiced with samples of the following acoustical timbres using equal temperment tuning: vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, clarinet, flute, french horn, jamison and harpsichord. Synthesized strings are also used.

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