In der Fremd, op. 62

Leonard Lehrman

About this work:
op. 62, 9/81; for solo voice or soprano-tenor duet with harp or piano; poem by Leyb Naydus in Yiddish; set both in Yiddish and in English translation by composer; dedicated to the memory of Lazar Weiner and the Wien synagogue victims; prem. in English with piano by Helga Fink & composer, Vienna Society for Music Thtr 12/82; perf. in Yiddiah by Charles Osborne with harp, Sanders Thtr, Harvard; and by Harry Oschitzki throughout East & West Berlin - broadcast on Kol Yisroel, Jerusalem 11/84; recorded in English by Helene Williams & composer on Capstone CPS 8647 "Helene Williams sings Songs of Love"
Version: soprano & piano (English)
Year composed: 1981
Duration: 00:01:29
Ensemble type: Voice, Solo or With Chamber or Jazz Ensemble:Solo Voice with Keyboard
Instrumentation: 1 Piano, 1 Soprano
Instrumentation notes: solo voice or soprano-tenor duet with piano or harp

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