Licht im Dunkel (A Light in the Darkness), op. 73

Leonard Lehrman

About this work:
song cycle on 6 poems by Harry Oschitzki (pseud.: Andy Orieli) for tenor or soprano & piano or orchestra, in German, or English translation by composer: 1) Schifflein (White-Sailed Boat Upon the Water) 2'15" 2) Ne plus ultra (Sonnetina #8) 3'45" 3) Merk dir (Spruch in den Spiegel) (Take Note (Speech in the Mirror)) 2'15" 4) Bittere Klage (Bitter Complaint) 2'45" 5) Verm├Ąchtnis und stete Mahnung (Mauthausen) (Legacy and Perpetual Reminder (Mauthausen)) 3'17" (performable by solo or by treble chorus) 6) Ein brauner Wolf (Arturo Ui) (A Brown Wolf (Arturo Ui)) 6'25" [the last poem inspired by a character of Bertolt Brecht's] prem. Urania, W. Berlin 2/10/85; U.S. prem. by Constance Cooper & Loretta Goldberg, Hebrew Union College, 10/85; orchestral premiere of #1 7/28/02 by Jenufa Gleich & Queens Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Fagen, cond.; all recorded with solo voices & piano in German by J├╝dische Musiktheaterverein Berlin; #5 (with women's chorus) and #6 (tenor solo) recorded by Gregory Mercer and the Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus, conducted by the composer at the piano, at Holocaust memorial concert, Temple Judea, Manhasset 4/3/03
Version: voice & piano (#5 treble chorus)
Year composed: 1984
Duration: 00:21:45
Ensemble type: Voice, Solo or With Chamber or Jazz Ensemble:Solo Voice with Keyboard
Instrumentation: 1 Piano, 1 Soprano, 1 Tenor, 7 Unison Voices
Instrumentation notes: #1-6 for soprano or tenor and piano or orchestra; #5 also performable by treble (children's or women's) chorus (in unison) with piano or orchestra

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