Poema sul L-E-O-N-A-R-D-O

Joseph Bertolozzi

About this work:
I wrote and dedicated a very short piece as a gift for my friend Mike Mueller, using the initials of his name for the notes. About 15 years later, the work was expanded about five times in length and re-christened under its present name. The new, revamped music was written for guitarist and composer Terry Champlin for his concerts in Vinci, Italy, where he was to play for the installation of Leonardo's great 'Cavallo' sculpture in the square in Vinci. The expanded material now includes the initials for the names V-I-N-C-I, L-E-O-N-A-R-D-O, and B-E-A-C-O-N, the city where the bronze statue was cast. Unfortunately Terry never got to give his performance in Italy, as days before he was to leave, in September of 2001, the World Trade Center was destroyed in terrorist attacks, and all flight travel was immediately suspended.
Year composed: 2001
Duration: 00:05:05
Ensemble type: Solo instrument, non-keyboard:Guitar (Classical/Acoustic)
Instrumentation: 1 Guitar (Classical/Acoustic)
Instrumentation notes: Also available for solo piano as heard in this recording by Joseph Bertolozzi, from the CD "Songs & Waltzes"

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