Piano Trio #2

Andrey Komanetsky

About this work:
Piano Trio #2 consists of three movements. First movement is named "Affinity to Movement". This movement received a first prize at "Franz Schubert and the Music of Modern Times" competition in February, 2006, Graz/Austria. It was featured as a mandatory piece for all participating trio-ensembles to play on the last round of the competition on February 24, 2006. "Affinity to Movement" is performed in this file by the first prize recipients the "Atos Trio". The other two are Fabrication of a Movement and Spasmodic Inflection. In second movement parts of all instruments are written independently. The language is atonal, difficulty is high. First movement won a competition "Franz Schubert and Music of Modern Trend" in Austria, 2005.
Year composed: 2004
Duration: 00:22:00
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice:Piano Trio
Instrumentation: ,1 Piano soloist(s), ,1 Violin soloist(s), ,1 Cello soloist(s)

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