The Pen And The Inkwell

Elaine Fine

About this work:
This intermezzo setting of a story by Hans Christian Andersen has the texture of a baroque cantata (I imagined Bach's Coffee Cantata) where the violin voice plays a significant part in the drama. Published by Seesaw Music, but not yet in Subito Music's on-line catalog. Please call Subito at (973) 857-3440 to order a copy of the music.
Year composed: 2003
Duration: 00:18:00
Ensemble type: Voice, Solo or With Chamber or Jazz Ensemble:Two or More Solo Voices with Chamber/Jazz Ensemble, 2-5 players
Instrumentation: 1 Piano, 1 Violin, 1 Soprano, 1 Tenor, 1 Baritone
Instrumentation notes:
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