Chariot (Q1)

Lynn Job

About this work:
Publisher: Buckthorn Music Press (cat. no. 91-1) Duration: 1 min. Sound Cue: Shorter variant of "Chariot" | all rights reserved. "Chariot (Q1)" (a 1-minute electronic miniature) is inspired by the vision of Elijah and his ascent by flaming chariot from the desert bank of the Jordan River (2Kings: chapter 2). It is a simple, understated scene. While water and wind are ever present with the story of God’s prophets, at the call of the solo trombone (a quote from Job’s “Nehemiah’s Dusk”), Elijah is away and loosed from this earth to glory. The impending departure to his mysterious destiny is heard coming forth by the strengthening of the storm and the sweet but dramatic cadence of the trumpet choir (a quote from Job’s “Toumai - Hope of Life”).
Version: first half of Chariot
Year composed: 2006
Duration: 00:01:00
Ensemble type: Electronic Instruments and Sound Sources:Electronic Processing of Live Performance
Instrumentation notes: Sound Cue of water, storms, trumpet choir, solo trombone, wind

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