Chen Yi

About this work:
Commissioned by Opus 21 ensemble (Artistic Director Richard Adams) and Fontana Chamber Arts, premiered at Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, MI on 5/11/06, with subsequent performances at Symphony Space in NYC on 5/20/06 (with Meet The Composer’s Creative Connections Award), at Light Fine Arts Center in Kalamazoo, MI on 6/23/06, and at Carnegie Center in Three Rivers, MI on 6/24/06, the mixed sextet The Han Figurines is a musical realization of my impression on the Chinese clay figurines of the Eastern Han (25-220 A. D.). Have you seen the shapes of the enraptured storyteller, the vivid acrobat and the moving dancers with long sleeves? They are in highly exaggerated forms and postures, in large and sweeping movements — the innocent and bold images symbolize the strength, motion and speed. It’s the beauty of the crude and primitive power of humanity in its conquest of the material world.
Version: Mixed ensemble
Year composed: 2006
Duration: 00:05:00
Ensemble type: Chamber or Jazz Ensemble, Without Voice:Other Combinations, 2-5 players
Instrumentation notes: For Violin, Clarinet (Bb), Tenor Saxophone (Bb), Double Bass, Piano and Percussion (2 Timpani, Suspended Cymbal, Piccolo Woodblock, Lowest Tam-tam)

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