Chen Yi

About this work:
Chen Yi Jing Marimba (2009) Commissioned by ZMF New Music, a project of Zeltsman Marimba Festival, Inc. Premiered by Gordon Stout in Appleton, WI on July 5, 2009. The motive of the 4 minute work is drawn from a fragment of the typical Beijing Opera fiddle's fixed pattern, which has a seventh leap in accompanying the opera singing. The development of the pitch material in my solo work includes various pitch variations, tunes in different keys (one key a time, or two keys overlapped as in measure 120 towards coda), and all registers in the marimba. The characteristic of the musical image is lively, bright, and playful. The form and structure of the work is based on Golden Section principle. Take the 180 measures of music in 2/4 beat to time 0.6, to get the GS in m. 109 and the proportions starting at m. 109, m. 66, m. 40, m. 152, and so on. The whole work is divided to two parts (the first from the beginning to m. 108, the second 109 to the end). Texture changes take place when GS point in different levels occurs. Here is a list of the details. First Part (65+43=108 measures in 2/4 beat): Part A (39+26), presentation of the pitch material Section a (m. 1-23) (pitch A-G in m. 1, pitch A-G in m. 12) Section b (m. 24-39) to low register Section a' (m. 40-65) low-high (pitch A-G in m. 42, pitch B flat-A flat in m. 49) Part B (25+18=43) development of the material as transition towards the climax m. 66-90 m. 91-108 Second Part (43+29=72 measure in 2/4 beat): Part A (43) m. 109-151 (two keys juxtaposed from m. 109-119 with contrast in images, pitch A-G and A flat-G flat overlapped from 120-151, divided between two hands.) Part B (29) m. 152-180 Coda (a) The grouping of the last phrase from 177-180 is always 9 notes in a group. It's like a silk scarf flying away, with a soft, even, light and smooth string of notes forming a whole phrase in one shape.
Version: Solo Marimba
Year composed: 2009
Duration: 00:04:00
Ensemble type: Solo instrument, non-keyboard:Marimba

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