Chen Yi

About this work:
Chen Yi Dragon Rhyme for symphonic band (2010) Commissioned by the National Wind Ensemble Consortium Group, and premiered by the Hartt Wind Ensemble (directed by Prof. Glen Adsit) at Carnegie Hall on 5/30/2010, Chen Yi's Dragon Rhyme for symphonic band is in two movements: I. Mysteriously-Harmoniously; II. Energetically. The first movement is lyrical and the second powerful. Featuring the basic intervals found from the Beijing Opera music, the thematic material in both movements is matched, which is used economically for development throughout the work. The instrumental texture is rich in colors, from transparent and delicate to angular and strong. Taking the image of the dragon, which is auspicious, fresh and vivid, the music is layered and multidimensional. It symbolizes the eastern culture. When it meets the world, it becomes a part of the global family. The Members of the National Wind Ensemble Consortium Group: Arizona State University, Gary Hill (Director), Baylor University, Eric Wilson (Director), Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University, Thomas Verrier (Director), California State Fullerton, Mitch Fennell (Director), Carroll College, Larry Harper (Director), Central Connecticut State University, Tom Seddon (Director), Clemson University, Mark Spede (Director), Colorado State University, J. Steven Moore (Director), Colorado Wind Ensemble, Richard Gabriel (Director), Dallas Wind Symphony, Kim Campbell (Director), Eastern Kentucky University, Joe Allison (Director), Eastman School of Music, Mark Scatterday (Director), Florida State University, Richard Clary (Director), Georgia State University, Robert Ambrose (Director), Individual Membership, Timothy Reynish (Director), Ithaca College School of Music, Stephen Peterson (Director), Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, Andrew Mast (Director), Mason City (Iowa) High School, Russ Kramer (Director), Penn State University, Dennis Glocke (Director), Rhode Island College, Robert Franzblau (Director), Shattinger Music, Jim Cochran (Director), Texas A&M University at Commerce, Phillip Clements (Director), The Hartt School, Glen Adsit (Director), The Houston Symphonic Band, Houston Baptist University, Robert McElroy (Director Emeritus ), The University of California, Berkeley, Robert Calonico (Director), The University of Kansas, Scott Weiss (Director), The University of Miami, Gary Green (Director), The University of Michigan, Michael Haithcock (Director), The University of Missouri-Kansas City, Steve Davis (Director), The University of New Mexico, Eric Rombach-Kendall (Director), The University of St. Thomas, Matthew George (Director), The University of Texas, Jerry Junkin (Director), USAF Academy Band, Steven Grimo (Director), USAF Heritage of America Band, Doug Monroe (Director), Williams College, Steven Bodner (Director). INSTRUMENTATION: Piccolo Flutes 1, 2 Oboes 1, 2 English Horn in F Bassoons 1, 2 Contrabassoon Clarinet in E-flat Clarinets in B-flat 1, 2, 3 Bass Clarinet in B-flat Alto Saxophones in E-flat 1, 2 Tenor Saxophone in B-flat Baritone Saxophone in E-flat Trumpets in B-flat 1, 2, 3 Horns in F 1, 2, 3, 4 Trombones 1, 2 Bass Trombone Euphonium Tuba Timpani (also with cymbal and wood) Percussion 1: Triangle Tom-toms (5) Tam-tam Bass Drum Wood (a solid piece of wood that would resonate) Percussion 2: Glockenspiel Highest Tom-tom Suspended Cymbal Tam-tam Percussion 3: Small Bell Suspended Cymbal Harp
Version: Wind Ensemble
Year composed: 2010
Duration: 00:14:00
Ensemble type: Band:Wind Ensemble

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