Chen Yi

About this work:
Chen Yi: Spring Rain for mixed choir [sung in Chinese] (2010), Text by Du Fu (Tang Dynasty). “Spring Rain” for a cappella is commissioned and premiered by the Singapore Anglo-Chinese Junior College Choir, directed by Valarie Wilson on 5/30/2011 in Singapore. Sung in Chinese, the text is from an ancient Chinese poem of Du Fu (712-770), entitled Happy Rain on a Spring Night: Happy rain comes in time, When spring is in its prime. With night breeze it will fall, And quietly moisten all. Clouds darken wild roads, Light brightens a little boat. Saturated at dawn, With flowers blooming the town. (English translation by Chen Yi) Pinyin Spelling (Chinese pronunciation): Hao Yu Zhi Shi Jie, Dang Chun Nai Fa Sheng. Sui Feng Qian Ru Ye, Run Wu Xi Wu Sheng. Ye Jing Yun Ju Hei, Jiang Chun Huo Du Ming. Xiao Kan Hong Shi Chu, Hua Zhong Jin Guan Cheng.
Version: Mixed choir (sung in Chinese)
Year composed: 2010
Duration: 00:00:04
Ensemble type: Chorus, with or without Solo Voices

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