Chen Yi

About this work:

Chen Yi's Let’s reach a new height for mixed choir (2012). Commissioned by and dedicated to The New York Virtuoso Singers (directed by Mr. Harold Rosenbaum), my choral work Let’s reach a new height is premiered in the choir’s 2012/2013 concert season, to celebrate her 25th anniversary, and salute the great contribution that she has made to our new society. Taking the metaphor from the Tang poem, let’s set a higher goal for the years to come. Let’s reach a new height (Text by Wang Zhi-huan, Tang Dynasty) Pale sun goes down the hill, Yellow River flows to the sea. To get a grander sight, Let’s reach a new height. (English translation by Chen Yi)

Version: For mixed choir
Year composed: 2012
Duration: 00:03:00
Ensemble type: Chorus, with or without Solo Voices

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