Chen Yi

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Chen Yi

Bamboo Song for piano solo (2019)

Commissioned and written for Prof. Zou Xiang of the Central Conservatory of Music, my piano solo work Bamboo Song is completed in 2019. I believe that Zou Xiang and I share our admiration to those sincere artists, who are self-disciplined and consistent, who seriously care about our nature and society.  The bamboo has the characteristics of this quality. I use my music to praise the bamboo, with a simple thematic material borrowed from the Ba Ban tune in folk ensemble music (Jiang Nan Silk and Bamboo Music), and its variations throughout the piece. The musical image is pure, noble, and profound. The sonority is deep and spatial. There is a long section of music towards the end of the piece, using continuing fast notes without significant pause, to imitate the bamboo flute playing (Kundi performance) in the ensemble. It symbolizes the indomitable determination towards an ideal future.

Version: For Solo Piano
Year composed: 2019
Duration: 00:06:00
Ensemble type: Keyboard:Piano

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