LOVELY PERMUTATIONS (for 2 pianists) 2021

Milos Raickovich

About this work:

Lovely Permutations, for two pianos, or piano 4-hands, was written for LP Duo (Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic) in 2021. The piece is inspired by my early works - a composition cycle Permutations (1977-79), written for multiple keyboards. In Lovely Permutations, I used various musical structures from the cycle Permutations. While my early cycle is based on permutations of six tones (C, D, E, G, A, B), in Lovely Permutations I have further reduced the scale to five tones: C, E, G, A, B. At times, permutating process is following gradual mathematical procedures, but sometimes, random permutations are used. The main motivation for this new work was a desire to combine various structures of several early works into a collage-like, single-movement piece. After completing Lovely Permutations for two pianists, I made a version of the same piece for an ensemble of 10 players, dedicated to a Kassel based ensemble, in process.  

Lovely Permutations received its world premiere in Kassel, Germany, on April 30, 2022, by the LP Duo, at the Conference held in preparation of the European Minimal Music Festival.


Version: two pianos or piano 4-hands
Year composed:
Duration: 00:10:00
Ensemble type: Keyboard:Two Pianos, 4 or More Hands
Instrumentation notes: for two pianos, or piano 4-hands

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