Until It Blazes

Eve Beglarian

About this work:
Until It Blazes is an amplified solo piece for piano, guitar or other plucked string instrument, harp, marimba, or vibes. The piece requires a stereo multi-tap digital delay for processing. You can also perform the piece using a MIDI controller. If you’re using a MIDI instrument, I can supply a Max patch that implements the delay as MIDI delay, if it’s easier to do that than to use an audio delay. The piece’s duration is variable: I imagine it could work at any duration between six and twenty minutes. I have made a twelve minute version, but it is only one possible version of the piece: please don’t regard it as definitive. for more information, please visit http://www.evbvd.com/blazes/index.html
Version: guitar
Year composed: 2001
Duration: 00:10:00
Ensemble type: Solo instrument, non-keyboard
Instrumentation: ,1 Guitar (Classical/Acoustic) soloist(s)
Instrumentation notes: requires amplification and delay effects; also optional distortion effect

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