The Fall of Atlantis

Cynthia Sternau

About this work:
In ancient Atlantis, the balance of good and evil has changed. During ordinary services, the priestess Orata prophecies the sinking of the island and the end of civilization. After refusing to become the consort of the king who accuses her of heresy, she is arrested and brought to trial before the ten kings of Atlantis. At the moment of her death, Orata transforms herself and joins with other entities to effect her prophecy. Originally composed in 1994, The Fall of Atlantis was completely rewritten in 1999. It is the second work in a trilogy of story-operas titled The Way of Humankind. Dramatis Personae: The Narrator, an alien—Bass-baritone Orata, High Priestess of Atlantis--Soprano Priest--Baritone First Penitent--Tenor Second Penitent—Mezzo-soprano Third Penitent--Bass Vor, one of the ten kings of Atlantis--Tenor Mur, first king of Atlantis--Bass The Group-Mind of the One, a spiritual entity—Mezzo-soprano Chorus: Priests, Priestesses, Acolytes & Penitents; Kings of Atlantis
Version: 3
Year composed: 1999
Duration: 00:52:00
Ensemble type: Opera/Theater:Chamber Opera, Two or More Singers
Instrumentation: ,1 Soprano soloist(s), ,2 Mezzo-Soprano soloist(s), ,2 Tenor soloist(s), ,1 Baritone soloist(s), ,1 Bass-Baritone soloist(s), ,2 Bass soloist(s), ,3 S soloist(s), ,3 SS soloist(s), ,3 A soloist(s), ,3 AA soloist(s), ,3 T soloist(s), ,3 TT soloist(s), ,3 B soloist(s), ,3 BB soloist(s), ,1 Prerecorded Sound (Tape/CD/Other) soloist(s)
Instrumentation notes: Work is for soloists, chorus and pre-recorded electronics from CD or DAT.

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