The Tale of Cupid & Psyche

Cynthia Sternau

About this work:
Psyche, a mortal, is sent off by the Oracle of Apollo to wed a mysterious husband who forbids her to look upon him. Alone in her luxurious palace, she imagines her lover to be a serpent, only to discover that he is the god of love. The Tale of Cupid & Psyche is based on The Golden Ass by Lucius Apuleius (c. 123-170 AD). This is the second work in a series of three operas about love (The Story of the Bird Feng, The Tale of Cupid & Psyche, The Star Lovers). Dramatis Personae: The King, Psyche's father—Bass The Oracle of Apollo--Tenor Psyche--Soprano Disembodied Voice--Contralto Cupid—Dramatic tenor Pan--Tenor Jupiter—Bass-baritone Chorus of Attendants, Nobles & Townspeople; Chorus of Gods
Version: 1
Year composed: 2000
Duration: 00:46:00
Ensemble type: Opera/Theater:Chamber Opera, Two or More Singers
Instrumentation: ,1 Soprano soloist(s), ,1 Alto soloist(s), ,3 Tenor soloist(s), ,1 Bass-Baritone soloist(s), ,1 Bass soloist(s), ,3 S soloist(s), ,3 SS soloist(s), ,3 A soloist(s), ,3 AA soloist(s), ,3 T soloist(s), ,3 TT soloist(s), ,3 B soloist(s), ,3 BB soloist(s), ,1 Prerecorded Sound (Tape/CD/Other) soloist(s)
Instrumentation notes: Work is for soloists, chorus, and pre-recorded electronics (from CD or DAT).

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