Midnight Tryst (Love scene from Bosko and Admira)

Joseph Bertolozzi

About this work:
This is an excerpt of the 'Love Scene' from the ballet BOSKO AND ADMIRA whose scenario deals with events in 1993 during the war in Sarajevo. The synopsis follows below: BOSKO AND ADMIRA Ballet in One Act, three scenes Based on a true story with Music and scenario by Joseph Bertolozzi SYNOPSIS SARAJEVO – At 4p.m. on May 19, 1993, two young lovers, one Serbian the other Muslim, were killed while trying to cross over to the Serbian side of the Miljacka River from the Vrbana Bridge, a small, local crossing. They were supposed to have been able to travel under a pre-arranged guarantee of safe passage, but were shot by snipers about fifty yards from safety. While Bosko was killed instantly, Admira lived long enough to crawl over to Bosko and drape her arm over his body in a last embrace. This excerpt depicts the midnight tryst between Bosko and Admira.
Version: Orchestral Excerpt [by composer]
Year composed: 2003
Duration: 00:07:00
Ensemble type: Orchestra:Standard Orchestra
Instrumentation notes: 4(2picc,2afl).2+ca.2+Ebcl+bcl.3./Alto sax, Bar sax). (optional reedpipe)./4.4.1+2btrb.1.PERCUSSION: 5 tuned gongs. electric bass guitar. harp. piano (opt. doubling synth) strings [min., ideal strength at]

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