Broken Ostinato

Arthur Jarvinen

About this work:
Once when I was a guest in Eve Beglarian's New York apartment I happened to see a copy of Louis Andriessen's "Bass", for piano left hand, in her studio. She said that the composer had given Eve and Kathleen Supove (collectively, Twisted Tutu) permission to perform it as a duo, playing in unison on different keyboards. That inspired me to compose a work specifically conceived for two pianos left hand, which I undertook immediately. Within minutes I had the basic material, and finished work on the piece upon my return home. To date, however, this work has not been heard on piano. But it can also be played on two guitars (electric, acoustic, or classical) and received its premiere in that version by the Elgart/Yates guitar duo in Pomona, California.
Year composed: 1996
Duration: 00:07:30
Ensemble type: Keyboard:Piano 4 or More Hands
Instrumentation: 2 Piano
Instrumentation notes: Since there is no option to select "2 pianos, 2 hands" I said 4 hands. It's actually for 2 pianos left hand only, or 2 guitars.

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