Three Nocturnes for Viola and Piano

Lawrence Kramer

About this work:

“Three Nocturnes” was composed between 2010 and 2014. It lasts about 16
minutes as a whole, but any of the pieces may be played independently.

"Star and Shadow" is a twilight piece in which lyrical melancholy floats on a
current of stronger feeling the music acknowledges but—almost—keeps in check.
"Ripple and Gleam" alternates between serenity and touches of ambivalent mystery, both suggested by the impression of distant light reflected on the water. “In That Silence” is quiet enough to dwell on the threshold of silence and sometimes yield to mysterious interruptions by it that reveal something—or nothing—on the other side of sound.

“Star and Shadow” is also available in a version for trumpet and piano, which may be heard on the CD / iTunes collection "Etesian Traveler."


Year composed: 2010
Duration: 16:00:40
Ensemble type: Solo instrument, non-keyboard:Viola
Instrumentation: 1 Piano, 1 Viola

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