Scalerica d'oro

Joelle Wallach

About this work:

Scalerica d’oro, for cello and middle Eastern percussion, was commissioned by the Shearith Israel League, for premiere by cellist Regina Mushaba at the historic Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of the City of New York.   Scalerica d’oro combines Middle Eastern percussion patterns, based on Arabic rhythmic modes with melodies and gestures of  the Jewish Mediterranean, They interact and exuberantly engage to create an exhilarating vision of hope, joy and reconciliation.   The final rousing song quoted in the work refers to “Abram Avino,”  Abraham, the father of both Arabs and Jews.

Here are the words, provided so that listeners may sing along with the repetitions of the final movement if so moved.

Verse: Cuando el rey Nimrod al campo salia,
Mirava en el cielo y en la estreyeria,
Vido una luz santa en la giuderia,
Que havia de nacer Avraham avínu.

Chorus: Avraham avinu
padre querido
Padre bendicho luz de Israel

Luego a las cumadres encombedaba
Que toda mujer que preqada quedara
si no pariera al punto la matara,
que habia de nacer

Abraham avinu….

La mujer de Terah quedo prenada
E de dia en dia el la preguntaba:
- ?De que tenes la cara demudada?
Ella ya sabia el bien que tenia.

Avraham avinu ….

En fin de mueve mezes parir queria:
Iva caminando por campos y vinyas,
A su marido tal ne le descubria
Topo una meara, alli lo pariria.

Avraham avinu, ...

Saludemos agora al compadre y tambien al mohel
que por su zehut nos venga el goel
y rihma a todo Israel,
cierto loaremos al Verdadero.

Avraham avinu, ...

When King Nimrod went out into the fields
He looked at the heavens and at all the stars
He saw a holy light above the Jewish quarter
A sign that Abraham our father was about to be born

Abraham our father, beloved father
Blessed father, light of Israel

Then he commanded the midwives
to kill every pregnant woman
if she didn't give birth at once (?)
for Abraham our father was going to be born.

Abraham our father, beloved father

Terach's wife became pregnant
And  day after day he asked her:
Why do you look so distraught?
She already knew the good that she had.

Abraham our father, beloved father




Year composed: 2013
Duration: 00:07:19
Ensemble type: Solo instrument, non-keyboard:Cello
Instrumentation: 1 Cello, 1 Other Percussion Instrument(s)
Instrumentation notes: Middle eastern percussion- dumbek, castanets, finger cymbals (one player)

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